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Established in 2021

Discover our History

CAMPOOLS is a lottery license company to operate and sell Lotto 6/49, 7D, 6D, 5D, and Scratch Tickets ,We also offer lots of extra features On mobile App to make the playing experience both easy and enjoyable. and Campools Lottery Website is a website that has been dedicated to providing results and information about a wide range of lottery games.

Our Business Concept

To set up a lottery company Head office with a strong and professional management team.
To operate digit games, lotto games, and scratch games in Cambodia (Nation Wide) with computerized lottery system.
To introduce transparency lottery games and drawing process.
To build a strong retail network with effective Advertising & Promotion activities and cost-effective management.
Develop and implement lottery games that contribute to overall revenues
Develop relationships with key stakeholders that provides support of the Lottery
Monitor gaming technology to prevent interruptions in service

Our Company Overview

Lottery companies basically operate lotteries and sell lottery tickets. A lottery is defined as a prize draw that players must pay to enter, with winners drawn randomly by lottery company that primarily operate digit games, lotto games, and scratch games.
The main gaming activities in Cambodia were Casino, digit games, football betting, lottery tickets and other online games.
when looking for a location for your lottery office/outlet, it is important to choose a location that is in the midst of a densely populated medium and low-income area. This is important because the people who play lotteries are basically found in this category of people in the society.

Executive Summary

Cambodia has a population of about 16 million. Except about 3% of Muslim population, the balance of 97% of the population are legally “eligible” for buying lottery.
The gaming market in Cambodia is big enough for any serious player.
Our company is a professional, licensed and well-equipped lottery company that will be located in busiest streets, markets, and retails network to sell lottery tickets for nationwide as well as visitors and tourists.
We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.
Our company will at all time ensure her commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities


To build a professional and modern lottery business that can favorably compete with leading brands in the Lottery industry.
To be the premier Lottery Company in Cambodia by introducing an equitable, transparent and computerized lottery system in Cambodia.

Our Company Mission

To contribute our quota in promoting lottery activities and also to make profits from this industry, we want to become the leading lottery brand in the whole country.
To enhance and generate necessary sales tax revenue and gaming tax via computerized system for government.
To provide employment to the citizens of Cambodia.
To optimize revenue by offering a variety of market-responsive games that appeal to a diverse consumer audience.
To develop a strategy for addressing key stakeholders and their concerns regarding Lottery’s financial position.
To commit to a healthy player base through responsible gambling outreach.
To maintain a responsible retailer base by assuring adherence to the Lottery’s retailer contract.

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