Our daily broadcast Lotto 6/49 will be at 9:05PM on Monday to Friday and at 7:00PM on Saturday to Sunday.



Price: 4,000R

Rules and regulations that customers need to understand

1-Customers who have purchased this scratch card are considered to have understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set by the Campools lottery for this scratch card.

2-In accordance with the principle of prize verification, customers are solely responsible for any scratch card that are damaged, torn, scrolled or obscured by your own negligence.

3-In case the lucky scratch card area is damaged, erased, blurred or scratches that are not the intention of the customer, then this scratch will be considered invalid and this scratch card must be returned to the company. The company will reimburse the principal according to the value of the scratch card or exchange a new scratch card with equal value after the company has checked and approved the scratch card.

4-Security scratch area is a place to verify the prize only, customers must not scratch card this safety area.

5-Customers who come to buy or claim the prize must be 18 years old or older.

6-Winning scratch and bonus will be subject to inspection and verification from the safety zone as a base. Only Campools Lottery and sales agents or distributors can use the Mobile App to verify or pay the prize money.

7-Winning customers starting from 800,000 riel must bring their ID card and winning scratch card to the company’s head office to claim the prize. Customers who win prizes below R800,000 can claim their prizes at the company’s distribution.

8- Campools Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen the scratch. If the customer does not claim the winning scratch card within ninety (90) days from the date of purchase, the prize money will be void.

9-Campools Lottery reserves to take legal action against anyone who falsifies, deletes, company scratch card.

10-This scratch card belongs to the CAMPOOLS company